Health Class: Kitchen Cupboard Medicine Chest

Posted on October 15th, 2018

Join health advocate Andrea Leyerle, owner of Andi Lynn’s Pure and Custom Formulary, as she talks about the medicinal properties and heath benefits of a host of common kitchen pantry items. The class will be on Thursday, Nov. 8, 2018, at 6 p.m.

Tickets are $25, and seating is limited. Each ticket holder gets a place in the class as well as his/her choice of an 8 oz. product from Andi Lynn’s Pure and Custom Formulary. You can purchase a ticket here.

“The medicinal properties of every day items you have in your kitchen can make a huge difference in your overall wellness,” says Leyerle.

Leyerle will discuss making bone broth and the medicinal qualities of garlic, as well as local honey and hot sauce. She will demonstrate how to prepare bone broth and the many ways she uses garlic for medicinal purposes. Attendants will receive samples of hot broth, fresh garlic, elderberry syrup, and fire cider.



Classes/Demonstrations, News | October 15th, 2018